Aerial Videography

Videography creates interesting presenting your commercials or favourite moments. Adding dramatic aerial footages like those in the movie will greatly enhance the viewing experience. Starting from aerial scene, cutting to ground scene or vice versa will excite the viewer.

Vince Skycam Y6 and XY8 multi-rotor is capable of pan, tilt and roll. Capturing the most dramatic moment at low altitude and close range. Its' flying range 1 km and flying height 500 m. However, our frequency range is capable of 2 km but for safety purposes, we prefer line of sight.

Vince Skycam Raven UAV is capable of high altitude, making establishing shots of a wide landmark or buildings. Its' flying range is 1000 m and flying height is 1 km. Maximum range is 3 km, similarly we prefer line of sight. 

Camera on board both the flying crafts is Sony Nex 5N for Full HD 50fps resolution. A downlink enables viewer live broadcast and proper framing of shots from the flying cam.

For more aerial video reels, please log on to our Youtube or Youku.

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