Aerial Photography

Birds eye view creates interesting and dramatic print. It offers unique perspectives for prospects to view your premises, factories, buildings, resorts, landscaping etc. Our setup time is less than 10 minutes, hence capable of more aerials shots within a short time frame. With the downlink, accurate framing of shots is made possible. 

Vince Skycam Y6 multi-rotor is possible to operate in tight areas, turning your "dream angles" to reality. Whereas, Raven UAV requires a larger area for take-off and landing. More suitable for larger areas and higher altitude requirements.

Camera on board is Sony Nex 5N for 16 megapixel high resolution photo. This camera is also capable of raw format.

Vince Skycam flying cam is capable of panorama shots, stitching numerous photos as one. The end result is a majestic view, greatly enhancing your advertising needs.

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